Sunday, October 7, 2012

Voodoo lounge catch-up

The Voodoo Lounge Team are not all about lounging about, but it can be hard at times to coordinate stuff with so many things, like family, to take into account. Our special trip to Nelson where David Burr was putting on a secret training camp (away from the eye of the UCI vampires) has had to be culled back so now its only Neil and Sharon who can make it over. The Governer general had scheduled himself into our lives without notice so we will have to stay in Welly to join our youngest daughter in receiving her Duke of Edinburgh award. We are very proud of her so will be looking forward to it.

Back to the stuff that Team Voodoo lounge does best. Talking about riding, and the odd bit of riding. I took part in the Bike Hutt sponsored Hinakura 100 Gravel Grinder, the other week and had a really good time. My story here.  Of course, Voodoo Loungers Neil and Ran did their own take on this ride some time ago, and being the the hard men they are, did it one their road bikes. No poncy CX bikes for them.

Last weekend we had a clash of events. I was keen to do the Vets fun ride with Neil in the Rappa, but I had already penciled in the Revolution Bicycles "Wellington 11 peaks" event. It was an amazing day. I caught up with heaps of my old Kiwi Brevet Buddies, and rode with Voodoo Lounger Andy King, and his buddies Owen and Callum.Our aim was (not to get lost) and have the most fun. I think we succeeded. How could you not have fun with 2650 metres of climbing jammed into 69kms ! Andy was on fire and Callum was faking a strong ride too.

Lest it be forgot, Voodoo Loungers Thomas Lindup and Jonty Ritchie schooled the field with Jonty in 2nd and Thomas taking 1st place on his new Santa Cruz Highball in about 4.03 hours.

On a more international scale Cleetus has been doing what he does best. Going to conferences around the world and collecting bicycling memorabilia from the Day of the Dead . See right.

The Voodoo Lounger with the biggest international profile currently is Alex "Mustache" Revell who is living the dream in Belgium on their Cyclo-cross circuit. Like he says, its a bit like a Belgian coming to NZ and trying to make it into the All-blacks. Alex's profile has increased so much (due to his gigantic mustache) that before long I can see him having a posse of scantily clad mustache groomers, holding umbrellas and tending to him on the start-line. I fully expect his contract with Voodoo Lounge, Yeti-Cycles and Revolution Bicycles to be brought out by some savvy go-forward Belgian based team. Check out this cool photo of Alex. Image borrowed from VeloNews. Photos by Dan Seaton. More on Alex's blog and some newer stuff on Spoke.

Our Google Maps ride for the Revolution Bicycles 11 Peaks.
Strava link here:

Some cool trails for Jeff, Owen, Andy and Callum.You cant beat Wellington on a good day with a slight southerly.

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