Sunday, August 25, 2013

Neil's Hakkalugi disc has landed

My beautiful Ibis Hakkalugi disc cross bike was born safely at Wheelworks Saturday 24 August. 
It’s a project bike from my perspective.  I was pretty tied up with the TDF trip so wasn’t rushing to get it completed, but wanted to pick the components carefully and end up with something a little different.  A few pieces are recycled from my other bikes like cranks and saddle but most are new.

Ibis Hakkalugi disc

The Ibis frame’s been out at Wheelworks since about February but I had a hankering for Chris King hubs, and with 11 speed out it didn’t seem to make sense to build it up new with 10 speed.  So I waited for the Chris King R45 11 speed disc hubs.  The wait ended up being longer than expected and I understand that I have the first set in the country, but they’re here and look (and sound) magnificent.

The Shimano CX75 disc calipers were a bit of a saga too but Tristan sussed that one.  My set sport a stencil saying ‘PROTOTYPE’ which definitely emphasises the newness of the product – kind of cool if not entirely reassuring.  They’re mechanical disc brakes rather than hydraulic which seemed to reduce the complexity to me.  I chose nice Zipp carbon seat post and stem and the same 3T Ergonova bar I ride on my road bike.   Ben gave me some good advice on the cables – which are Gore with a sealed inner to keep the crap out and tyres which are Schwalbe Sammy Slicks which are a great hybrid for hardtop and gravel road surfaces.  Think I’ll trim the steerer a bit once I’m more sure of my fit.

Voodoo Lounge decals yet to be fitted!

First ride today – Sunday – was a small one, but I love it!  Descending with disc brakes is awesome in terms of stopping power and more importantly the control or modulation you have.  Though I haven’t had the wet weather experience yet I expect that to be even more standout.  The Dura-ace 11 speed shifts like a dream.  It’s almost like Di2 with just a bit more movement needed for the changes but a very light action.  Overall the bike felt incredibly sure-footed but also responsive and pretty light.  I haven’t weighed it yet but it seems a bit heavier than my road bike but not that much.

This bike’s going to be a lot of fun.  Thanks to Tristan and Gavin at Wheelworks for doing an awesome job for me on the build - Neil

Shimano 11 speed

Shimano discs - ENVE fork

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