Monday, July 2, 2012

Cross dressing

I’m going to build a cross bike.  there, I said it.  now don’t jump to conclusions! – no racing for me.  I don’t see the point of a bike race where you have to carry your bike around the course.  Might as well go running with a 15KG dumbbell on your shoulder.  and then there is the mud…. I think that telling the wife that yet another bike is in the making is a tough enough challenge.  (thank god for kids that like to go trail riding with their dads – 12 points!)

I did enjoy the off road excursion (read getting lost) with Neil 18 months ago and would like to do more of it, but I shudder at the thought of my second mortgage carbon bike bouncing around the rough gravel and metal roads.  mind you, some of the sealed roads feel just as bad.  Also, the combination of my fear of height with lack of technical mountain biking skills ensures I avoid steep technical single tracks.  wide, gentle forest trails will do me fine thank you very much.

to business then.  A Felt FX1 frame and fork is on its way to my humble abode (via the office – I may be crazy, but not stupid….).  It comes with the headset and bottom bracket.  I am going to reuse the Ultegra 6600 shifters and Truvativ compact chain rings from my Kouta Kharma road bike.  I also have a spare set of wheels which will be topped with nice and knobbly (is this the right word?) 700x35 tires.  What inner tubes do I use?

My main issue is the rear end (now get your brain out of the gutter!)

I am keen to go lower than the 12-25 cassette I currently use on the Kuota.  I have a 11-28 cassette on the LOOK which saved my life several times, mainly on the way home, climbing Brooklyn Rd after 90-100Km Sunday rides.  considering the off-road implications, and the realisation that New Zealand parks and reservations are not flat, I would like to go lower.   like a 11-36 lower.  Is that too much? – what rear derailleur would i need? – would it work with the Ultegra 10 speed shifters?  Torpedo7 sell an SRAM 10 speed medium cage rear derailleur that is supposedly compatible with a 11-36 cassette that is also available on the site…

I will also need to invest in a set of breaks.  if someone has a set of nice cantilever cross brakes, let me know.  Otherwise, I might find a set in the USA when I’m there in three weeks time.
I’m Happy and open to any advice or assembly tips you may have for me.  Also, if anyone has any spare parts they may want to sell or contribute to the project, let me know.   I haven't decided i I will put it together myself or surrender the whole kit and caboodle to my local bike shop or the neighbourhood mechanic.  maybe a bike and beer Voodoo Lounge party needs to be called?

exited! - Ran

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  1. Jeff, 9 speed 12-27 with a 34/46 on the front works for me ok.
    Who needs two kneecaps anyway.