Saturday, June 30, 2012

Winter bike

This is probably my favorite ride right now. (Last week it was the fixie)

It's got no pivots to wear out in the winter filth, a grippy Maxxis Advantage up front and a Crossmax out back so as my mate Edwin says its business out front and party out back.

The swap to a 185mm rotor up front has transformed the old Juicy 7's too to stopping power on par with the elixr's on my Blur.  On the hard tail where rear traction under brakes suffers from the rigidity the brake balance feels more neutral too.

It's also running an e-thirteen xcx guide and single chainring which is just so simple and I'm yet to run out of gears at either end of the cogs - even chasing Steve'O down Karori Rd.  I'm definitely a convert to the 1x9 setup.

Today as you can see it got a wee bit mucky.

The poor old wrx in the background is well long in the tooth in years but as its always come second to the bikes it hardly gets driven. When it does get driven its typically over the Rimutakas where it always brings a grin.

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