Monday, June 18, 2012

The Farnsworth effect

You may or may not know that the Tour Divide is on right now. A Bikepacking race/event that goes from Canada to Mexico. Currently a Kiwi is leading it, Ollie Whalley, two times winner of the Kiwi Brevet (which was based on the Tour Divide). Not everyone is a machine like Ollie. Mark Farnsworth isn't for sure, but his 'call-ins' make pretty inspirational listening. He may not be the most well prepared, but he has attitude to burn. His call-ins have developed a bit of a fan-base among the Blue-dot Junkies that follow these events. Have a listen and see why.–-mark-farnsworth-called-in-beyond-butte/

There are many more call-ins from Mark, and the other riders here too:

To follow the riders (Blue dots) go here:

To read more about the Tour Divide go here:

To see what the Blue Dot Junkies are saying on the forum go here:,3854.880.html

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