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Team Voodoo Lounge Training Camp December 2010

Disclaimer:  I have bad memory, I take bad photos and my spelling/grammar is known to crash word processing software.

December 2010, yes, that’s how long ago Team Voodoo Lounge had their inaugural training camp.  I not sure we were Team Voodoo Lounge at the time.  We knew we were part of team, more of a franchise really, as we  train, race or just ride more as individuals rather than a group, heck some of us still don’t know about other members, but I don’t think we all agreed on a name at that stage.  It was just  great to belong, even if ride alone, and its a great excuse for a jersey.  but that’s another story.  
Neil and I decided it was time for training camp, but once push came to shove, only the two of us were left.  everyone else had an excuse….  perhaps the lack of trainers, masseuses and sponsors had something to do with it

first point of call establishing base came at the voodoo lounge substitute, the Wimbledon lodge:
IMG_1656         IMG_1644
and then the bar (we cyclists have our priorities)

we woke up the next morning to howling gale and pouring rain.  so we decided to drive around for a while and look for better weather.  We ended up in Masterton for lunch.  the rain stopped by the time we got back to we dared  a short ride to Herberville. Did I mention it was windy?



The pub was closed


On the was back to camp base, I broke a spoke.  I should have taken a spare wheel, as I was getting too strong (read heavy) for my Neuvation rear wheel with its lightweight spokes as I already had spokes snapped on two previous occasions.   The next morning the wind was still blowing a gale so we decided to relocate.  We drove back to Masterton, got my wheel fixed, and cycled north to Alfredton. Neil just had to ring that school bell ever since he couldn’t participate in the mystery ride few months back that culminated there.


we then drove around the Wairarapa looking for a place to stay the night.  Martinbourough was full, and we eventually found a motel in Greytown that had some vacancies.    we did get some funny looks from the motel proprietors when we enquired about a room.  single room? – two beds? – no, a double bed is not OK, really! – we could see that Tui look in their eyes….. – but we Voodoo Lounge team cyclists are very secure in our tights, leggings and shaved legs (for some)
Next day, Neil suggested we climb Admiral Hill.  Why not I said, we are on a training camp after all.


once we got to the top he said, lets carry on and see what it’s like on the other side…..   hmmm, OK.  we started decending and hit gravel after 50 meters from the top.  did we stop and go back? – Nop, we are Team Voodoo Lounge after all, and beside, by the time we got to our senses, we were too far down the hill (or so we thought).  So we carried on, on the gravel, on rocks the size of rats, two guys on carbon road bike, skinny and smooth 23mm wheels and not a worry in the world (or so we thought).  we even stopped to admire the view

IMG_0189   IMG_0205

It was pretty,the view I mean:



35 kilometres of gravel later, after we got lost and rode couple of extra hills for sake of, well getting lost, we arrived at Hinakura


Hmm..  where to from here Neil?


to the bar, of course, but alas, it was closed Sad smile


and then I broke another spoke.  I was used to it:  Wrap it around another spoke, open the brakes wide and carry on – nothing to see here! -
Now we had to climb again.  we were already knackered from 35 km of bone jarring, tooth filling extracting gravel road riding, and now had to climb the blooming Tararuas (or whatever these mountains are) again!  by the time we descended down the valley and turned right into Longbush road going north, there was nothing left in us.  we were licking the inside of empty gel packets, picking up crumbs of energy bars from the corners of our jerseys pockets and generally feeling sorry for ourselves.  But it was sunny, warm, and we were  riding our bikes!  -  so we couldn't complain too much. – and besides, there was no one around to hear us anyway.
A friendly farmer kindly filled our bottles with water.  The best filtered rain water in the neighbourhood he claimed.  it tasted funny, but it was water, and it was magic.  Well, when I say Magic, I mean rust, cobweb, bird poo filtered magic, but it all that we needed to carry us the last 20 km back to the Gladstone Bar car park where we left the car. That Bar was OPEN.
we returned home that day, exalted, excited  and exhausted.  The Team Voodoo Lounge training camp of 2010 was a remarkable success.  Pity it was just the two of us.  Maybe next time more people can join us and help me beat Neil up next time he mixes ‘Training Camp’ with ‘Orienteering’, and road cycling with mountain biking. – just kidding, I will follow Neil anywhere.


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