Sunday, June 17, 2012

Voodoo Doll Earns her stripes!

We went for a ride today. First one since the Tandem trip. All was going good. Hill Road, Belmont Road, Haywards, then I got notification that I had to pick up my daughter from her work by 3pm. Kay had no cell because her phone was in for servicing : ) I left her at the top of the Haywards hill, while I sprinted home to pick up the car to collect the daughter. I asked if Kay wanted the puncture kit and c02s, tools etc. "No no, I'll be alright". As I disappeared down the hill she looked down and noticed her front wheel was actually flat.....

No tools, no phone. 1.5 hours later at 4pm she turns up, having run the 7 odd kms home with her bike, with only 1.5 hours left to get tea ready for the guests we were entertaining!

Damn nice meal it was too.
Reckon she can have a sleep in tomorrow : )

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